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Rio Celeste Day Hike

Quick Details


Enjoy the Perfect Costa Rican Hike in Rio Celeste

Don’t miss this full-day tour if you want to experience the beauty of Costa Rica. The hike starts at Tenorio Volcano National Park on forested trails, where you see a lot of plants and animal species. We hike for about an hour until we reach a big waterfall. Here you can really see the beautiful color of the water that is caused by a chemical mixture of sulfur and carbonate, which originate in the Tenorio Volcano.

We then continue up and pass some hot springs/boiling water spots. Due to recent regulations from MINAET (Ministry of the Environment), it is not possible to swim at Tenorio Volcano National Park. This tour is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or people who love a good hike. It isn’t physically challenging, but you should be in decent shape, as it requires some stamina.

Please note that all applicable entrance fees are included in this hike.