Costa Rica Descents

What We Offer

Costa Rica Descents is an adventure outfitter specializing in whitewater rafting.  On our customized excursions you will literally plunge headfirst into the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica.  Imagine the excitement of whitewater rafting combined with the picturesque environment of Costa Rica's tropical rain forests.  With safety as our number one priority, we hand-pick only highly trained and personable guides, whose primary concerns are the quality of your experience and your safety to make it back to land in one piece.

Costa Rica offers some of the world's finest whitewater rafting and kayaking rivers.  Wild and untamed, these big, brash rivers plunge through spectacularly beautiful, largely unexplored tropical wilderness.  Come and enjoy the country’s tropical rivers with Costa Rica Descents!  Whether you are an expert or beginner whitewater rafter; nature lover or thrill seeker; rafting enthusiast or active kayaker; one of our offered expeditions is for you!

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Water And Outdoor Adventures

We also offer tours to observe and enjoy, in a safe way, some of the most beautiful Tropical Forests in Costa Rica and the world, and our exotic and colorful, tropical birds with a qualified ecology expert.  All of our guides are highly prepared in safety, public service, and nature.  They will accompany you at all times ensuring that your valuable vacation time will be fulfilled to your utmost expectations.

With Costa Rica Descents, you can soak away your stress in natural hot springs, explore the country on horseback or on a mountain bike, or come face to face with the rainforest canopy.  We make sure you take full advantage of everything this country's natural beauty has to offer.

Costa Rica's backyard has so much to experience, especially for the tour guide who has trouble choosing what to do and where to go.  If creating your own itinerary is your idea of relaxation, Costa Rica Descents can help you design a tour specifically with you in mind!  Use the simple Design Your Own Tour Form to tell us where you want to go and what you want to do, and we will do the rest!


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