Two Volcano Extrem Hike

Get into the rain forest hiking around Arenal Volcano & Chato Hill, you will hike for more than 6 hours with at the shadow of both volcanoes, passing lava rocks formations from 1525, 1968 and 2010, swim in the a beautiful lake created for lava rivers about 525 years ago.

Enjoy the most amazing views of the northern plains and also some views of the Arenal Volcano; the tour includes a box lunch in the middle of the rain forest. We will visit La Danta waterfall where you can swim, also go to the volcanic mud pond where you can put it in your body and make remarkable pictures.

On the way to the Observatory Lodge you will pass two hanging bridges in the rain forest and while surrounded by beautiful flora and wildlife. You will visit the museum of Arenal Volcano to learn about one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Near the end of the tour on the sunset you will be able to see nocturnal wildlife emerging from the jungle. Finally, you will enjoy the natural hot springs river where you can relax from a long day of hiking.

A Costa Rican popular cocktail will be served to finish the adventure.


Tour Duration : 10 hrs.
Schedule: 10:00 am
Price: $60


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