Real Rafting & Kayaking Pros!

Typically, as we’re hiring someone for the job, we always question that person’s personal commitment and his or her passion to rafting and kayaking. After that we check if experience and skills add up and then they become a part of our team. That way we were able to accumulate a huge team of pros!

Luis Warner


He is a natural leader he is one of the head guides of this amazing company and he being working in many countries around the world on this awesome adventure witch is white water rafting and specialist in water rescue.

Melvin nick name Guana


He is naturally a super man very strong person and from one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica witch is Guanacaste in north side of Costa Rica where is the most beautiful beaches.

Warner nick name Tala


He is one of the most wise person and a awesome adventures guide from native tribe of the Bribris in the caribbean coast Talamanca is the town.


He is extraordinary person and guide is one of the native Costa Ricans from the tribus of the Cabecares in the with a lot of knowledge in nature.