Trail Walking

In any place that you visit, no matter if it’s a beach, an island, a volcano, a river, etc, there will be the possibility to go through trails, some of which can be walked easily; others demand more physical effort.
Night Walk
A new World to explore
in the Tropical Forest … As night falls, the Tropical Forest becomes a different ecosystem, where in, the sounds that different life forms emit can be deafening. The insects, amphibians and mammals use these to communicate and protect a territory, or attract a mate. Using lanterns and walking slowly along a path in good condition, we shall take the chore of a detailed search for frogs like the red eyed leaf frog (Agalychnis Callidrias), Dink frogs of different species (Eleoterodachtillus), and giant predator frogs like the Smoky Jungle frog (Pentadactillus). Venomous and non venomous snakes can be found among which is the famous Terciopelo or Fleur-de-Lance (Bothrops Asper), the Bocaraca or Eyelash Palm Pit viper (Bothriechis Schlegelli), non venomous green or brown vine snakes (oxibelis fulgidus or oxibelis aeneus) among others.  We can’t leave out various species of mammals like the sloths, kinkajous, armadillos, and others that with a little luck and patience can be observed. In la fauna we can enjoy the owls like the spectacled owl, screech owl and pigmy owls that will be a delight for bird lovers. A great variety of insects are common in the jungle, and with the help of a specialized guide you will learn the details of the sounds and species that you come across as you adventure into this different world. We recommend bringing long pants; tie on shoes or hiking shoes, insect repellent and sunscreen. The duration of this trek is approximately 2 hours. Independently of the place visited, you will have a possibility to observe the nature and enjoy the beauty that their environment offers, either in an atmosphere of dry tropical forest or of humid tropical forest.