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Rafting Upper Balsa River Class V

Get pumped for a challenging descent into a lush rainforest canyon that will stimulate your adrenal glands to the max. We are the only rafting company that offers the opportunity to run this exhilarating and scenic stretch of the Rio Balsa. To add to the originality of this trip we will stop in El Salto. This is natures equivalent of a water park, complete with waterfalls, pools of water and a rope swing.
Afterwards, we will proceed to the Upper Balsa, a stretch that is considered one of the most technically challenging commercially run rapids in Costa Rica. You will be accompanied by expert river guides and safety kayakers. There will be two breaks from the heart pounding rapids to refuel. The first stop will be at one of the seven dramatic waterfalls along the way, where we will enjoy natures bounty in the form of fresh fruit. The second stop will be for an authentic Costa Rican lunch. Strong physical condition and a thirst for adventure is  required. Rafters must be 18 years of age to participate in this trip.
What to bring
Simple dry clothing, such as shorts and a t-shirt, Swimsuit, Sunscreen, Shoes that will stay on your feet, sport sandals and water shoes are recommended, a change of clothing.

Tour Includes: transportation, fees, a bilingual river guide,  authentic Costa Rican lunch, fresh fruit and refreshments.

Class V

Cost: $130
Tour Departure Time: 9:00 a.m.
Trip Duration: about 7 hours