Flora and Fauna Observation

Flora and Fauna Observation Costa Rica it is possible to observe great quantity of residents and migratory animal species. Birds, “pizotes”, ” congos “, turtles, dolphins and whales (that come from the cold waters of the north and the south of our planet) are some of the species that you can see. Among migratory species, the arrival to
Isla del Cano of the hunchback whale coming from the south, represents the most distant migration that a mammal does. Either in rivers, lagoons, forests or in the sea, you have the possibility to see different species of animals.

Bird Watching
Excursion starts in the morning, after enjoying Coffee or any other beverage and some snacks, with a guide specialized on bird observation and behavior the walk starts on the Galeria Nature Trail where species like Manikins, Wood-creeper, Tyrants and many others representing several families could be seen.After leaving the Trail feel the experience of several species close to you at our Garden; where these amazing birds will be Wonderful to watch and because this protected area is still being used for cattle farming and horse breeding, bird observation will go through pastures, ponds and secondary Forest where species like Toucans, Oropendolas, Tanagers and Hawks could be found.The walk will go slow, good for adults and children of all ages through trails and terrain easy to walk with an average Temperature of 26 Celsius or 78 Fahrenheit.Activity lasts between 2 and 4 hours, we recommend bringing binoculars, long pants, hiking boots, insect repellent, sun-block lotion and rain gear, in the tropics occasional rain showers could be present.Nature has been generous with our country, and that is why you can find here more species of birds than in the whole North America, Costa Rica have almost 900 species of birds.